Green Initiatives

All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

We are delighted to be apart of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP). Did you know one third of our bee species is threatened with extinction from Ireland? The AIPP  involves groups coming together to create an Ireland where pollinators can survive and thrive. Our first action as part of the plan, involved the recent introduction of a pollinator friendly perennial bed planted near our level 3 West entrance, with an added bee hotel!

We look forward to working with Biodiversity Ireland and the AIPP team to introduce more pollinator friendly actions at The Square in the near future.

Our level 3 planter bed is dedicated to the fond memory of our colleague & friend Ann Hogg who passed away in 2017.

The Green Business Program

We work with Eco Merit in conjunction with South Dublin County Council Environmental Department who assess our energy consumption, waste and water use to save money and to help reduce our environmental impact. Eco Merit compiled an Environmental Improvement Plan which suggested 25 measures to implement both short-term and long-term.

The recommendations include energy efficiency measures such as using lights only in areas of use after hours, use energy efficient LED bulbs and turning escalators off after stores close and many more.

Additionally we have run a number of seminars throughout the year to assist our tenants in greening their businesses and in turn reduce costs. In terms of lighting and electricity, our tenants could save upwards of €4,000 per year so it’s beneficial all around.

In the future we will also be looking into rain water harvesting which is becoming very popular to reduce water costs across the board. Another long term plan is to investigate the possibility of solar panels for electricity generation. We routinely monitor our electricity, gas and mains water usage as well as ensuring tenants service their water tanks regularly.

This year we are aiming to recycle up to 55% of all our waste, including food waste and with all our tenants on board, we believe this is an achievable aim. We operate a strict segregation system to ensure our waste is recycled wherever possible and thus compacted general waste is minimised.

This means that our tenants must break down their waste into recyclables, waste food, glass bottles and cardboard sections and thus only 45% of our waste would go to compacted general waste if the target is achieved.

We use AES Waste contractors who are a affiliated subsidiary of Bord Na Móna as our waste helps power the national electricity grid which in turn provides electricity for thousands of homes across the country. Additionally the waste food is used as a compost and goes back to farming.

In all our activities we set out to be as environmentally responsible as possible in our community.

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 Our Other Green Initiatives Include;


Eco Bins

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment here at the Square we have installed Eco Friendly Waste Bins on each level of the centre. These Eco Friendly Waste Bins help our customers to do their bit for the environment by segregating their own waste into the appropriate bin provided. Simple informative signage above the bins help you bin your waste correctly. Please take a minute to familiarise yourself with the bins and remember, every little helps.


Electric Vehicle Facilities

eCar Charging Stations are available in the South Car Park on Level 2 adjacent to Argos. We are very proud to encourage the drive towards carbon neutral motoring and we are one of the first of the larger shopping centres in the country to have electric charge points for our customers to use whilst they shop.

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