Sq Strong Women

Fiona Power, Commercial Operations Manager

I’m Fiona, I’m 39 and I am the Commercial Operations Manager here at The Square.

My job is a very varied role, from marketing, events, sponsorship, community relations, social media, commercial activity and also management for the general running of the Centre. I have worked in various creative roles within retail, media and events so this role just brings everything in nicely together.

Jade CorriganCar Park Supervisor / Security

I am Jade, I’m 28 and from Jobstown. I’m Car Park Supervisor and also work alongside security. I am here nearly 3 years, and I love it.

I am in a job that is mostly dominated by men. There is only a handful of women in these roles. I do a lot of the work from behind the scenes with the control room with the cameras and then I also help out on the floor. It balances out great with the team here, and I get on great with all the lads here too.