21st April 2016 TheSqTallaght

Yesterday the board from The National Children’s Hospital Tallaght had a night of appreciation to thank everyone who has helped fundraise or donated over the past year.

The event saw a whole host of supporters including businesses and of course those who help with fundraising like the Easter Chick ladies and many of the team from the women’s mini marathon.

Refreshments were served along with food while everyone in attendance mingled among one another speaking of the work they had all done to raise funds for the hospital before the speeches began, there was also live music.

Lillian McGovern Head of Communications and Fundraising spoke to us on the night and told us how happy she was to be able to give back to the people who put so much into raising funds for the children’s hospital;

“This is our opportunity to say thanks very much to all the people who support the national children’s hospital, so all the people here you have people who run events, run the marathons, corporate people who raise money within their companies and they all do it because they are very proud of the children’s hospital in the area and it’s their local community and this is our chance to say thanks very much”.

Lillian told us how much she is enjoying her role at the national hospital and also how rewarding it is to see where every last cent goes when helping to improve equipment along with research within the hospital;

“It’s fantastic, it all very positive stuff, my job in terms of communication and fundraising is to make sure everyone feels part of a bigger operation and to feel appreciated for what they have done because they make a very real difference to the lives of children, they really do. Every last penny that is raised goes back into the hospital, it goes directly into updating equipment, providing new services, research and education for staff”.

A special mention on the night also went to the women involved in the Easter Chicks, the ladies will be well known around Tallaght for their commitment to raising funds for the National Children’s Hospital;

“the ladies have just celebrated their 10th anniversary raising money for the hospital, they are part of the fabric of the building and that is the only way I can describe them. In that 10 years they have raised a quarter of a million euro. They have made an incredible difference to the welfare of children, and help to make children happier and families more comfortable when they are in the hospital. So enormous credit to them.”

Lillian continued on to thank The Square Shopping Centre for their support in particular to the ladies;

“I want to thank the Square and Cathryn who supported this by offering them wonderful accommodation within the centre and also have awarded them the community champion award to which they will be honoured with next week to mark their 10th anniversary”.

As the evening continued on Lillian and her team thanked everyone for their support over the years and praised everyone for their help in raising funds for the National Chilren’s Hospital in Tallaght.

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