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Our Aquarium on Level 2 is full of lots of exotic species of fish. The Aquarium replicates the conditions of the Great Barrier Reef in real time…it’s definitely worth a visit!

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Our Aquarium

Our Aquarium on Level 2 is fully stocked with lots of species of exotic fish.

Seahorse Aquariums is an award winning store, and are the largest aquatic specialist in the Republic of Ireland. They specialise in all things fish keeping, from building cutsom aquariums to caring for the fish within them. They pride themselves on only stocking the best products, and all important prodcuts are tried-and-tested by members of staff before they are recommended to customers.

They’re a team of passionate marine/freshwater biologists, and their primary concern is the health and well-being of their customer’s aquatic life. Their staff go to exceptional measures to make sure that fish keeping is enjoyable and educational for those who choose to pick up the hobby.

Social Links:
Website: www.seahorseaquariums.com
Facebook Dublin: SeahorseAquariums
Facebook Galway: SeahorseAquariumsGalway
Instagram: seahorse_aquariums
Twitter: @Seahorse_Aqua


The Squarium is 5,000 L and is home to over 10 species of fish!

Seahorse Aquariums built this as a custom tank especially for The Square. If you’d like to enquire about a custom tank for your home of business (big or small!), you can contact their tank-building team through any of the socail media links above.


There are lots of interesting species in the Squarium! Have a look:

Epaulette shark:
The Epaulette shark can walk on LAND! It can hold water inside it’s body for hours as it uses it’s fins like little feet and it can waddle around from rock pool to rock pool!

Moray eel:
Moray eels have 2 sets of jaws. One that you can see is in their mouth, but the one you can’t see is in their throat!

Red lionfish:
The red lionfish is one of the most poisonous AND invasive fish in the world! They have no natural predators (nothing wants to eat them) – so their popuation just keeps growing and growing!

Emporer angelfish:
Baby emporer angelfish look totally different from adult emporer angelfish! The babies are dark blue with white spiral rings round and round their bodies. As they get older, their circles turn into stripes and they start to turn yellow.

Queen angelfish:
The queen angelfish babies are the same as the emporer ones – they look very different from the adults. But the reason they’re called queen angelfish is because they have a little yellow crown on their heads!

Yellow tang:
The yellow tang is one of the most popular aquarium fish in the world because of it’s bright yellow colours, and diamond shape. It’s also one of the most active swimmers in the tank.

Regal blue tang:
Regal blue tang are more commonly known as “Dory fish” because – Dory (from the movies Finding Nemo and Finiding Dory) is a Regal blue tang!

Dogface pufferfish:
The Dogface pufferfish (like most puffers) can puff themselves up into a big ball when they get a fright! It’s not very nice to try to make them puff up though, as it can leave them feeling very stressed.

The group of Bannerfish always have a leader – the Bannerfish with the longest banner! But Bannerfish are jealous, and they will try to nip the banner of their leader when they’re not looking so they can make it smaller!

Maroon Clownfish:
Clownfish are one of the most popular fish in the world thanks to the movie Finding Nemo! Nemo and his dad, Marlin, are clownfish. They have a special coat of slime on their skin that lets them live in anemones without getting stung.

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