30th July 2021 TheSqTallaght

The Sq Arts Project is a new creative arts initiative with the aim of delivering vibrant, creative spaces throughout the centre,  that delights customers, champions artistic talent, and promotes local and worthy causes.

The Sq Arts Project will deliver this through a series of individual projects. Keep an eye for upcoming opportunities!


Sq Arts Project – The Future is Bright!

Take a stroll around The Square and check out our vibrant new artworks!

Featuring 9 original artworks from 5 local artists, all celebrating the theme “The Future is Bright” as we emerge from lockdowns and step into a brighter day, with playful positivity and uplifting messages.


“I’m delighted to be involved with such an amazing arts project. It’s a great opportunity to show my work to such a large audience, and see local artists supported. Tallaght is full of creativity!”

Lisa Murray, featured artist.


Ashwin Chako – @whackochacko
Kelly Evans – @kellyevansdesigns
Lisa Murray – @murray_design
Anna Sherlock – @a.sherlockdesign
Geoff Tracey – @geoff.tracey81

“We are delighted to showcase the work of local creatives here at The Square. There is a wealth of talent on our doorstep, in Tallaght and beyond.

We’re proud to show them off, while at the same time adding pops of joy, colour and creativity around the place!”

Fiona Power, Commercial Operations Manager at The Square.


This collections is the first in a series of installations, as part of The Sq Arts Project.

The Sq Arts Project aims to deliver vibrant, creative space throughout the centre that delights customers, champions artistic talent, and promotes local and worthy causes.


“The future truly is bright here at The Square, and Tallaght. With a vibrant, creative community, and exciting developments coming down the line, there is great opportunity and cause for optimism.

We look forward to working with more artists and organisations in the near future.”


Interest in The Sq Arts Project can be addressed to:  Fiona.power@thesquare.ie