30th July 2021 TheSqTallaght

Lisa Murray is a Tallaght based artist, she is a recent graduate from TU Dublin. Lisa wanted to showcase her love for Tallaght through art and developed this Tallaght series.

Welcome to Tallaght Sign

I created this piece mainly as a form to express my love for Tallaght. I’m a fan of the Googie and futuristic style of the Famous Vegas strip sign and wanted to bring that sort of vibe to Tallaght. The idea began during the hardest lockdown of the 5km radius and through that restriction I began to spend much more time exploring my local area and finding a new application for all that Tallaght wants to offer. Within it we have the two most iconic locations in the area – The Square Tallaght and Shamrock Rovers Stadium. I end goal for this piece was to also bring pride to the people of Tallaght and to give them a smile or a chuckle.

Covid Arcade

For this piece, I began thinking about the covid pandemic and the Square Tallaght. During the pandemic we heard a lot about the levels of restrictions and that played on my mind. I spent much of my childhood playing games so instantly when I hear of levels I think of video games. Here I brought in the Covid Arcade. Where we all must defeat covid to complete the level. I really loved this idea and thought it would be the perfect piece for the Square Tallaght as the Arcade in the shopping centre was one of my favourite places to spend time with my friends growing up (there and the joke shop). So I thought an arcade piece would be a fantastic addition to this project

You can follow Lisa on Instagram: @murray_design

Artist: Lisa Murray

Artist: Lisa Murray