30th July 2021 TheSqTallaght

The Door Is Always Open in Tallaght

To me, Tallaght has always been a hub of creative spaces and people. The idea behind this piece was to create a doorway that was bursting with vibrant colours, representing the creativity and opportunity available within the Tallaght Community.

There’s Music In My Heart All Day

When creating this piece I wanted to recreate a landmark within the Tallaght Community, using my art style. While researching Tallaght landmarks I remembered a statue situated in Tallaght village of two dancers on a platform. Once, while attending  college in Tallaght we visited the statue to practice different filming techniques and it was the first time I noticed the statue. I knew I wanted to bring the statue to life again, using my own style of art.

I began researching the history of the piece and found that the bronze statue of The Dancers is part of the Katherine Tynan Memorial Garden, Tynan was an Irish poet (1859 – 1931). On researching her work I came across her poem ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’. When I read the first line of the poem ‘There’s music in my heart all day’ I felt like all the pieces of this concept fell together. I knew wanted to take a bit of Tallaght’s history and recreate a piece of work in honour of another female creative.

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Artist: Anna Sherlock


Artist: Anna Sherlock