20th November 2015 TheSqTallaght

We are always looking for a worthy person or organisation to honour with our Community Champion Award and this month was no different. We presented our November award to the wonderful charity DEBRA Ireland, who work with children with EB – a skin disease that is a distressing and painful and leaves the skin as fragile and delicate as butterfly wings.

Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) currently has no cure and is more about managing symptoms so DEBRA Ireland provides patient support services to those families affected by, or living with the condition. DEBRA Ireland has played a vital part in the establishment of EB clinics in both St. James Hospital for adults and Our Lady’s Hospital for Children in Crumlin for a condition that effects 1 in 18,000 children in Ireland.

Judith Gilsenan from DEBRA Ireland (pictured) was happy to collect the award and the €100 that was donated to the cause. If you would also like to donate to them, text BUTTERFLY to 50300.

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