2nd September 2015 TheSqTallaght

McDonald’s officially introduced us to their new limited edition Irish artisan burger, the McMór today and we at InTallaght were first in the queue to sample this new offering!

“The Best of Ireland in a bun” is how McDonalds marketing guys have pitched the McMór, which will be available for a limited time only, and we at InTallaght towers give it an unanimous thumbs up!

The rich vibrant Ballymaloe Relish and carefully matured and creamy Charleville Cheddar Cheese combine to give the McMór a truly distinctive Irish taste. The potato-flaked bun is top notch and crispy, the 100% Irish beef and bacon provided by Dawn Meats and Dew Valley respectively are really flavoursome and leave you wishing for more. It is also layered with shredded cabbage, whole baby leaf kale which give it an interesting crunch that just exudes the freshness of the burger.

The McMór was created by McDonald’s Ireland Chefs Council, which held its first meeting in May 2014, with a view to developing an authentic local burger with real Irish flavours at its heart.

The Chefs Council is made up of Stephen Macken, Innovation Chef at Kerry, Dermott Slade, Head Development Chef Dawn Meats and Steve Love, Research Chef at McCormick Flavour Group who have carefully selected the right combination of local ingredients to deliver the perfect burger with an authentic Irish taste.

Speaking at the launch of the McMór, Roma O’Connor, Marketing Director for McDonald’s Restaurants of Ireland said:

‘We’re delighted to launch the McMór – and to be collaborating with great Irish producers to create our first ever Irish artisan burger.’

So to the Verdict:


Our 3 Judges gave the McMór a perfect score, so get to McDonalds ASAP and sample this culinary masterpiece.

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